Allergy MA/LPN Pre-Cert Biologics Coordinator- FT

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Thursday, September 1, 2022

Policy Name

Triage and Prior Auth/Precert Nurse Coordinator for Biologics and Medications



Effective Date

Last Revision

Policy Owner

Clinic Manager

Policy Description and Purpose: Managing patient care involves a team of clinical and nonclinical staff interacting with patients and working to achieve patient-centered care.Job descriptions and responsibilities of the care team emphasize a team-based approach to patient care and promote training of team members to meet the highest level of function allowed by state law.

Procedure: The job description and responsibilities are defined for Biologics nurse coordinator in the Allergy department at Murfreesboro Medical Clinic below:

Job Title

Allergy Biologics nurse coordinator

Job Description

To provide nursing support for the Allergy department or clinic-wide, when requested.Clinical Staff must adhere to all policies and procedures of MMC and meet the needs of patient in a teamwork approach.

Triage incoming calls

oAnswer all incoming questions concerning; medications, procedures, biologics.

oTask appropriately to providers if instructions needed.

·Inform patients of labs results

·Process patient prior authorizations for medications

·Oversee Biologics Program

oMonitor/Process patient’s with current insurance authorizations and appeals

oMonitor/Process patient’s with current prescriptions refills to mandated specialty pharmacy

oMonitor/Process patient with current labs and appointments

Working Conditions

Work is performed in an office setting and involves frequent telephone contact, as well as face-to-face communication with patients. Interactions with others is constant and interruptive. There is possible exposure to communicable diseases, toxic substances, bodily fluids, and other conditions common to medical practice. Varied activities including walking, bending, reaching, lifting (up to 30 pounds), stooping, assisting patients and sitting for extended periods of time may occur. Also, occasional stress from multiple responsibilities.

Job Responsibilities

·Process patient prior authorizations for medications

·Oversee Biologics Program such as:

-Monitoring/Process patients with current insurance authorizations and appeals

-Monitor/Process patients with current prescription refills to mandated specialty pharmacy

·Represent MMC in a courteous and professional manner

·Greet guests and incoming calls in a polite, prompt, and helpful manner

·Be flexible when asked to stay past your scheduled work time (as needed) to accommodate the needs of patients

·Provide prompt, efficient, and accurate patient service

·Be at your workstation on time and prepared to start the day

·Email communication is utilized in this department for important messages and updates.Staff members are expected to read emails frequently.

·Meet or exceed patient, doctor, and staff expectations through a cooperative, teamwork approach

  • Contact drug companies as directed for medication samples.
  • Completes all required paperwork.

·Triage calls for provider to include determining emergencies, identifying symptoms, using discretion for work in appointments and refilling routine prescriptions after reviewing medical chart transferring to PA/NP for topicals and injections.

·With instruction, perform other duties as required or assigned

·Notify patients of test results, as directed by providers and document all patient contact

·Utilize the Electronic Medical Record for all patient interactions and communication

·Be knowledgeable and adhere to OSHA guidelines and MMC policies and procedures

  • Help in other areas of the office if required such as, scheduling, check –in, check-out.

·With instruction, perform other duties as required or assigned

Required Skills

·Excellent customer service skills

·Strong skills in communicating effectively with co-workers, providers, and patients

·Ability to conduct daily functions in an appropriate, professional, and compassionate manner

·Ability to manage/prioritize multiple tasks in an efficient and timely manner

·Teamwork attitude

·Flexibility to respond to changing demands

·Ability to react calmly and competently in stressful situations

·Effectively utilize computer systems and programs that are necessary to complete daily tasks

·Appropriate assessment and assistance techniques

·Must be able to operate or have ability to be trained to operate related office equipment including but not limited to computer terminal, copier, fax, laser printer, and telephone system.

Education/Experience Requirements

-Completion of Medical Assistant educational program or LPN License

-Experience preferred

MMC Vision, Mission, and Values

Our vision is to be a leading contributor to community health through participation in programs that promote wellness, facilitate diagnosis, and enhance treatment of disease.

Our mission is to foster continuous improvement in community health through the delivery of quality, accessible medical and surgical care in a cost-effective manner to the residents of Middle Tennessee.

Our values guide our actions as we strive to carry out our mission.

-A progressive approach to advances in medicine and changes in the health care delivery system

-Responsive to patient and community needs

-Collaborative with other physicians, hospitals, allied health providers and the community in improving health care

-Professional, ethical and socially responsible

-Team-oriented management and leadership

-A positive, open and responsive work setting

*This description is intended to provide only basic guidelines for meeting job requirements.It is not intended to serve, as an exhaustive list of all duties, skills, and responsibilities required of personnel so classified.Responsibilities, knowledge, skills, abilities and working conditions may change as needs evolve.

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  • Pay Type Hourly
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