Weapons and Tactic Instructor

Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX, USA ● San Antonio, TX, USA Req #4304
Friday, July 29, 2022
STS Systems Support (SSS) is seeking Weapons and Tactics Instructors at Lackland AFB, TX to provide the following:
  • Assist AFSFC/S3T, Training Support Division, with WEP-TAC management and liaise with AF HQ and MAJCOMs and subordinate WEP-TAC Organizations. Responsibilities include: 
  • Provide assistance to government personnel in management of SF Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) development/technology advancement 
  • Disseminate changes and updates with regard to WEP-TAC related Air Force Instructions, program directives to support SF units 
  • Analyze, create, and post tactical information reports for government review and approval to subordinate SF WEP-TAC organizations 
  • Collect, analyze, report, record, and communicate Tactics Improvement Proposals (TIP) for government review and approval
  • Assist government personnel in identifying deficiencies in the WEP-TAC program’s tactical employment capabilities. Once deficiencies are identified, recommend priority and corrective actions for government review and approval
  • Assist with facilitating integration of SF TTP into scenario development for training, exercise, and evaluation/assessments for review and approval by the government
  • Assist government personnel with creating the agenda and schedule, and attendance at that HAF/A4S or designee selected for SF WTIC
  • Facilitate SF-specific tactical planning events and assist with standup and execution of Mission Planning Cells as directed
  • Provide government-approved updates to WEP-TAC files, libraries, and databases
  • Review Lessons-Learned from subordinate units and propose areas requiring training for government approval
  • Assist government personnel with conducting/supporting Air Force/MAJCOM level Tactics Review Board (TRB) IAW AFMAN 11-260
  • Accompany and assist government personnel with conducting staff assistance visits (SAV) (as requested, no more than 10 SAVs annually)
  • Assist government personnel with conducting tactics development and dissemination responsibilities IAW AFMAN 11-260/applicable Tactics Development Program
  • Assist government personnel with conducting assessments in all aspects of multidisciplinary security of DoD weapon systems, which includes interoperability, risk identification and mitigation, incident response, mission assurance and exercise mission areas 
  • Assist government personnel with reviewing and updating AFTTP, Technical Orders, tactics manuals and instructions 
  • Assist with coordinating (to include, but not limited to, scheduling, set-up, and conducting exercise operations) Security Forces flag exercises using Blue Team (good guys using TTPs) and Red Team (opposition forces using intel reports); Observe, analyze and report mission impacts 
  • Assist government personnel with developing and reviewing Lessons Learned on weapons and tactics program 
  • Assist government personnel with managing Test Priority List (TPL), process and track all TIPs associated with Tactics Review Boards (TRB) and maintain current status to update originator organization of TIP status on a regular basis. 
  • Liaise with Red Flag/Defender Flag for integration of SF TTP/Desired Learning Objectives into 
  • scenario development for training, exercise, and evaluation/assessments of integrated ground based teams 
  • Provide staff products/solutions (to include but not limited to bullet background papers, PPT presentations, standard office memorandums, and other administrative documents) to government personnel for review and approval with further dissemination to senior/executive level personnel within the AFSFC, AFIMSC, HQAF and other DOD and Government agencies 
  • Provide updates to staff meeting slides and interface with Task Management Tool 
  • Assist government personnel with Tactics, Intel, Training, Stan/Eval (TITE) meetings to include (but not limited to) scheduling, determining attendees, determining subject matter, developing slides, presenting information, taking notes, and providing expert opinion 
  • Be a certified Security Forces Weapons and Tactics Instructor 
  • Have minimum four years experience with Weapon and Tactics management policies, Air Force Firing Ranges, Training Development, and Air Force munitions forecasting procedures. 
  • Have minimum ten years SF operational experience and in-depth knowledge of DoD,Joint and AF security publications. 
  • Have minimum four years experience as a SF subject matter expert at a MAJCOM or Headquarters level staff. 
  • Be proficient in Microsoft Office software, able to use various programs, such as Teams, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Project to generate various 

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  • Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX, USA
  • San Antonio, TX, USA