International Air to Ground Integration (AGI) Instructor

San Antonio, TX, USA Req #4279
Wednesday, July 20, 2022

STS Systems Support, LLC (SSS) is seeking Air to Ground Integration (AGI) Subject matter Experts (SMEs) for fixed and rotary wing assets to assist the United States Air Force Security Assistance Training Squadron in international training for partner nation International Military Students both CONUS and OCONUS.  This position will assist in AGI-related skills training and technology transfer and training needs assessments is for multiple allied and partner nations not limited to curriculum, syllabi, instructor presentations, readings, study guides, student handouts, practical exercises, and test material.  Live Range Operations may be required for training events but to be limited to a student to instructor ratio of 1:1 while the student is controlling live aircraft for safety purposes.  Simulated events may be incorporated into the syllabus, or replace required live controls at the determination of the host country and instructors   Core AGI courseware will include but is not limited to the following:

  • Air to Ground Integration Course (AGIC)
  • Air to Ground Integration Doctrine Development Workshop
  • Joint Firepower Training (JFT)
  • Tactical Air Command and Control (TAC2)
  • Tactical Communications Course (TCC)
  • AGIS Continuation Training (AGIS-CT)
  • Basic Instructor Course (BIC)/Instructor Development Course (IDC)
  • AGI Specialist - Instructor (AGIS-I)
  • Fixed Wing – AGI
  • Rotary Wing - AGI
  • Basic Air Liaison Course (BALC)
  • AGI Capstone
  • Partner Nation AGI Program Management


Location: San Antonio, TX / Multiple OCONUS locations


AGI Instructors must have the following:

  • Eligibility to obtain a SECRET security clearance, and the ability to obtain clearances for any material being handled or trained, to include additional caveats, i.e., NATO and the appropriate security clearance level that is equal to or higher than the classification level of the training event




  • Must be a graduate of U.S. military Basic Instructor Course or other military instructor training or civilian equivalent with operational and instructional skills comparable to the craftsman level USAF 7-skill level
  • At least three (3) years' experience as an Air Force Joint Terminal Attack Controller Instructor (JTAC-I)



  • Served as a JTAC-I with at least seven (7) years of total military service conducting close air support operations in accordance with Joint Publication 3-09.2 CAS Operations



  • Served as a Joint Fires Observer Evaluator for two (2) years with at least seven (7) years total military service within a U.S. Army Division unit or lower



  • Served as a fighter/bomber aviator with seven (7) years’ experience conducting close air support from an aircraft and obtained JTAC certification and/or conducted a minimum of two (2) years as an Air Liaison Officer at a U.S. Army Division level or lower


(AND possess technical expertise in the following)

  • Air Liaison
    1. Able to interpret Ground Commanders intent for Air Power in the battlespace
    2. Define and educate Ground Commander and staff on Air Power effects on battlefield
    3. Plan and request for the integration of air power into the ground scheme of maneuver effectively and efficiently to provide synergistic effects
  • Air to Ground Integration missions
    1. Able to conduct execute tactical air controls safely and accurately
    2. Meet US/NATO/ standards for close air support operations
    3. Conduct non-kinetic effects such as ISR, Personnel recovery, and any other mission requiring the deconfliction and synergy of Air and Ground assets



  • Have the experience and communication skills necessary to provide a thorough understanding of the training objectives
  • Operational experience in Multiple AORs: (ie AFRICOM, CENTCOM, EUCOM)
  • Experience or formal education in Instructional Design, Instructional Materials Development, and incorporating training aids and devices
  • Experience in developing, reviewing, and revising instructional materials IAW specific learning objectives
  • Experience in an ASOC/JAGIC
  • Understanding of Theater Air Control System (TACS)/Army Air-Ground System (AAGS), Forward Air Controller (Airborne) FAC(A)/ Tactical Air Coordinator (Airborne) TAC(A)

Other details

  • Pay Type Salary
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  • San Antonio, TX, USA