MOC / Trend Coordinator

Anchorage, AK, USA Req #83
Thursday, May 11, 2023

Contingent Staffing contract with an Oil & Gas Company 



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  • Safety: We strive to create an environment where communication is open and everyone recognizes that our work is never so urgent that we cannot take the time to watch out for each other. 
  • Integrity: We always do the right thing, even when no one is looking. We have the courage to challenge each other and accept feedback. 
  • Responsive: We understand that responsiveness is about consistently providing accurate and concise communication at the right time. 
  • Continuous Improvement: We strive to proactively find ways to improve and adapt ourselves, our processes and our customers. 
  • Community: We recognize that our success is only achieved by focusing on the impact we have on others.  


Benefits Eligible: Optional 

Location: Anchorage, Alaska 


ASCI is currently seeking applicants to be considered for a MOC / Trend Coordinator role The MOC / Trend Coordinator shall have responsibility for facilitating the project change control and trend management program in support of Pikka Phase I project execution. The MOC / Trend Coordinator will ensure that the project employs a formal systematic process to document, evaluate, approve and communicate change. 


This role facilitates the Project MOC & Trend process to ensure that the following requirements are met: 

  • Potential project changes are proactively identified and communicated. 
  • Project change process participants are identified and engaged at change identification. 
  • The impact of a change is fully evaluated, reviewed, authorized (both technically and financially) and documented before it is executed. 
  • Project changes and trends are well written and appropriately reviewed and verified. 
  • Impacts on health, safety, and the environment are identified, understood and communicated to relevant groups and stakeholders to inform decision making. 
  • Impacts on project plan, deliverables, lifecycle value, cost, are communicated to the relevant groups and stakeholders to inform decision making. 
  • Risk assessments have been completed. 
  • Actions to implement an approved change are identified, assigned to appropriate personnel and completed per schedule. 


The position will work closely with the Integrated Project Team including Project Leadership. This includes the Development and Project Management teams, as well as Drilling & Completions and Operations. There will also be interfaces with other Functions throughout the business as required. 



Essential Duties & Responsibilities (% Time): 

  • Promote and lead in the implementation of Santos Ltd policies and procedures, including Safety, health, environment, process, people and planning (Foundation) 
  • Facilitate MOC development and assessment process (15%) 
  • Facilitate process utilizing online workflow tools (10%) 
  • Confirm risk assessments and associated actions have been completed (5%) 
  • Facilitate MOC meetings (5%) 
  • Generate MOC status reports (2.5%) 
  • Attend project meetings (10%) 
  • Evaluate the MOC process effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement (2.5%) 
  • Facilitate Trend development and assessment process (15%) 
  • Facilitate process utilizing excel workbooks (10%) 
  • Confirm risk assessments and associated actions have been completed (5%) 
  • Facilitate Trend meetings (5%) 
  • Generate Trend status reports (2.5%) 
  • Attend project meetings (10%) 
  • Evaluate the Trend process effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement (2.5%) 



Minimum Qualifications, Skills & Experience: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in project management, construction management or engineering related subjects is preferred. Equivalent experience in Trend Management, Project Controls, and MOC acceptable. 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills 
  • Proficient computer skills with MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.) 
  • Experience working with Project Management systems helpful (workflow tools such as Omega Pims, Aconex, etc.)  
  • A broad experience with oil and gas exploration and production projects with a good understanding of building upstream surface facilities, drilling and reservoir management. 
  • Project management including project controls experience. 
  • Exceptional communication and stakeholder engagement skills. 
  • Ability to manage strategy implementation while ensuring quality control and attention to HSE. 
  • Exceptional productivity skills. Can be relied upon to get the job done accurately and on time. 
  • Deals with change as an expected part of the job. 
  • Exhibits a strong work ethic, and a reputation for the highest degree of integrity and mature business judgment. 
  • Must be an energetic self-starter with a passion for their work. 
  • An engaged, ‘hands on’ team player that seeks to help others succeed. 
  • Someone who readily generates ideas; shows creativity and ingenuity and provides solutions to solve problems. 
  • A confident professional who constantly raises the bar and presses the organization toward a higher level of achievement. 
  • Has little need for close management supervision and direction and is comfortable and effective in an informal operating environment. 
  • Long-term vision with patience to attain high performance level with a continuous improvement outlook. 
  • Ability to work and thrive in a work environment that can be ambiguous at times, requiring the individual to take initiative to seek clarity but not get frustrated. 
  • Comfortable working in an open-plan office environment. 
  • Must be able to meet deadlines. 
  • Involvement with international suppliers and contractors is preferred. 
  • Has clearly demonstrated strong technical competence. 
  • Ability to work within a diverse cultural environment. 
  • Demonstrated interpersonal skills. 
  • Strong written, oral communication and presentation skills. 


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  • Anchorage, AK, USA